Our Founding Focus Ministries

In January of 2021 our founder set out to establish a non profit organization that addressed five fundamental ministries. Motivated by ministry Micah Carter made this the "catch phrase" for our efforts to fulfill our mission. Please take time to view our departments and to learn more about our ministry initiatives.

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Ministry Departments

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Veteran Advocacy

The Department of Veteran Advocacy works to build relationships with United States Military Veterans who struggle with homelessness, post traumatic stress, drug addiction, and many other problems that those who served our country may face. The Director of Veteran Advocacy is Richard A. Carter, a Disabled U.S. Navy Veteran. For more information please contact us. 

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Child Advocacy

The Department of Child Advocacy has several branches that include Child Care, Education, and Child Counseling. The purpose of this department is to not only increase awareness, but to also respond to the needs of children. We provide tutoring in all core subjects, we provide licensed and insured child care for after hours, and we provide free counseling to children in need. The Director of Child Advocacy is Rickeyda Carter, a child care professional with over a decade of extensive hours in child care

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Health and Wellness

The Department on Health and Wellness aims to increase health awareness in all communities, cultures, creeds, races, and nationalities. This department provides consultative health assessments to patrons, blood pressure screenings, fitness plans, and much more. The Director of Health and Wellness is Janesha Nickerson; an Alabama Registered Nurse.

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Domestic Violence Advocacy

The Department of Domestic Violence Advocacy aims to respond to situations involving domestic violence. We aim to provide safe solutions for victims of domestic violence, no matter their race, gender, or sexuality.

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Community Outreach

The Department of Community Development aims to focus on responding to drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness in the Birmingham Metropolitan Area. After Serving in Walker County, Alabama and hearing the statistics involving drug overdoses our founder made it the work of this department to respond by providing Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and counseling to families of persons recovering and person recovering from addiction. The director for this department is Kiara Victory; who has served as Drug Addiction Counselor, Social Worker for the Alabama Department of Human Resources, and logged numerous hours of community service in the advocacy field.

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